Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Franklin Park

My friend called me last night and asked me to check out this “cool, new, and hip bar in Crown Heights” I was reluctant at first but when I arrived at the address I was totally shocked. This lot once had abandoned cars and garbage strewn all over it. Seeing it now, the place was unrecognizable. Gone was the broken fence, gone was the glass bear bottles, gone was the overgrown weeds, gone was the ripped tires.

I saw the transformation of my neighborhood from “Brooklyn in the 80s” to a hip and upcoming place. The bar was dimly lit, however there was plenty of places to sit, the music was classy, and above all the service was amazing. This was first time I can actually have a full conversation with the Bar tender, his name was Chris and he even made up his own drinks. What I liked the best was that besides the usual funky artisty people who are newly arrived to our neighborhood, there was local original Crown Heightens there as well.

Chasids, Blacks, Hipsters, these are the 3 ingredients that makes an amazing diverse neighborhood. I would highly recommend anyone to pay them a visit.

Franklin Park


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