Thursday, July 10, 2008

100K Co-op On Kingston Ave!

I gather that this Co-op should be off the market soon. After the down payment the buyer would be paying about $625 a month plus about $400 in maintenance fees. I think this is a pretty good deal and if you would like to own something in the neighborhood this is a great way to get your foot in the door. I understand that there has been allot of buying and selling in this building. Can anyone enlighten me as to the condition and overall safety to this building?

Year built: 1923

446 Kingston Ave
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Anonymous said...

oh that building. never been inside, but I don't get a good impression about it. the outside smells and does not seem safe. definite gang type element hanging around. there's a reason it's so cheap

e said...

SB, is that you?

Jossie Vons said...

I actually live in that building. I think it's fantastic. I have never felt unsafe in the building or the neighborhood. The apartments are well maintained and have retained most of the original architecture.

P&F said...

I know, more than a year later post...But could it have been the apartment I used to live in? It was a two-room studio going for that same price, who knows. It was alright, just needed a fix-up in the bathroom and updates in the bedroom. I later moved to another apartment in the building. Been here three years, no problems for the most part. People are friendly, the apartments are well kept. Only complaint is the loud neighbors with no respect towards the rest, with their wall-rattling music thumping into the wee hours. It's an okay place. Like it, not necessarily love it (just like the neighborhood).