Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Street of Dreams?

The prices of historic homes in and around Crown Heights' landmark district are drawing snark-ridden commentary from incredulous bloggers across brownstone Brooklyn. As outlined on August 20 on brownstoner.com, 1087 Prospect Place(at bottom middle above), a double duplex on one of the district's most tranquil and secluded blocks, is now on the market at $849,000. Several brownstoner posters claim the home is radically overpriced, adding negative remarks about the neighborhood and the street's proximity to the Albany Houses. Residents, including at least two posters who live on this stretch of Prospect Place, have eloquently defended the home's value and the block, citing the outstanding architecture, the lush trees, and the harmonious vibe that runs through this peaceful street, populated by longtime African-American homeowners and an emerging mix of newly arrived, younger families. The house is one of four identical units built in 1912 on a street lined with ornate limestone and brick homes from the same era. Located between Kingston and Albany Avenues, this stretch of Prospect Place ends at Brower Park, site of the Brooklyn Children's Museum. The uninformed comments of some brownstoner posters should be tempered by one recent development: 39 Hampton Place (top, with white sign in front), located just a few blocks away and sharing the same configuration and general date of origin as the Prospect Place home, sold for $925,000.



David said...

I think this house is house is a steal!

B Major said...

The image of the home posted on brownstoner is poor and doesn't reflect the street or the house particularly. I talked with a neighbor who's been there as long as the owner. She says there will be a need for interior work but that the house has all of its original details.