Saturday, December 12, 2009


BrooklynBorn said...

Interesting vlog (as I'm told this types of videos should be called). Provocative title, "Who Should Belong in Crown Heights" Rather than pontificate I'd offer the truest answer, "people".

I refer to the people who've tended to gentrify neighborhoods in NYC as"newcomers" for the fact that despite racial/ethnic identity, it's really about the "other" who frequently is a financial class other more than anything else. I mention this because when viewed from the financial perspective most working professionals can be gentrifiers and then be gentrified ourselves.

And last one of the interviewees made an accurate mention of what the neighborhood used to be, one didn't quite get it. I was born in this neighborhood and I can assure you this area (not counting the Hasidim) was very "white" just 55 years ago. There used to be Italian and Polish street parades and festivals down Bedford and Washington Aves, so nope you don't need to look to the 19 century to find the last "white" residents.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

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