Thursday, November 23, 2006

Empty Lot On Corner Union And Albany

(Please excuse the picture it was raining)
The official address for this lot is 1510 Union Street -343 Albany Ave

I hope to bring you the history and future plans for this parcel of land and how it will develop as another brick in the building of the neighborhood.

In 1979 an organization called Center For The Jewish Culture purchased this lot with the plan to build a center for Judaism which would include a museum; however this plan never materialized and the organization then planned to sell the lot to Zalmen G. as he had in mind to to build homes. When this did not materialize either, Center For The Jewish Culture decided to sell the lot to Chassidic Discovery Center located at 305 Kingston Avenue.

Chassidic Discovery Center plans on building a meeting hall for the various tourist groups that come to Crown Heights.

A number of years ago, the sale was made and a price was agreed upon at the market value of that time; however there were issues with the deed that had to be worked out. Finally on 8-5-05 the deal was closed and the lot was sold for a mere $150,000.

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